Fun Facts:
The name, Olivia Lane, is actually the name of  the street we grew up on...and where the design shop idea began. Unfortunately, no one in our family is named Olivia :)

We design and make all items ourselves.

Everything we sell is handmade in the USA.

Yes, we are sisters.

Meet Us

We are three sisters that share a mutual love for design. fashion. sweet treats. and the outdoors.

Growing up we would spend countless hours in our playroom  "playing" work. school. church. pirates. mermaids. You name it. We created it. Our most epic creation (and by far our greatest one yet ;))
was our barbie mansion that went through our whole. entire. house. The possibilities were endless.

…Long story short, we became best friends and "co-workers"  very early on.

Although we all took different routes in college, our crazy love for design and creativity brought us all back together. and Olivia Lane Designs was born!

Few more details:
CHRISTINE. The youngest. Architect. The wild child.
MICHELE. The middle. Nurse. The jokester.
MELYSSA. The oldest. Graphic Designer. The sweet heart.

The Story 

March 2013
Olivia Lane started as a crafting hobby for Michele while in grad school. Soon her hobby expanded into her own online shop of personalized gifts.

August 2013
Christine added her passion for woodworking to what Michele has already done—kick starting a wood side to Olivia Lane. The three of us (as well as our parents & brother) began collaborating ideas to successfully expand the online store.

November/December 2013
We attended two different holiday shows to display our perfect stocking stuffers. We loved meeting all of our local customers, and we look forward to next year!

March 2014
We officially became business partners! Olivia Lane became Olivia Lane Designs, LLC. The online store grew to a creative studio + boutique.

April 2014
Our first pop-up shop/open house took place to showcase our new designs!

July 2014
We have been working long days & late nights on new projects! Check back in August and see our exciting news!

August 2014

We announced our new sister company, Grainwell by OL Designs, in order to expand our wood designs. All of our wood designs moved to Grainwell, besides monogram and wedding designs. Olivia Lane Designs will focus on weddings and be an online boutique featuring graphic tees and other unique items. Check out our sister site at

December 2014

We were in Covington's Holiday Pop Up Shops for part of November and December. We showcased some of our items along with items from Grainwell.

April 2015

Our boutique and office in Covington, KY opened! We are located at 316 West Pike Street. This space allows our local customers to view our graphic tees, other items from OL, handcrafted wood items from Grainwell and also a space for us to meet about custom projects. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by!


christine + melyssa + michele

christine + melyssa + michele

90's lake babes (melyssa + christine + michele)

90's lake babes (melyssa + christine + michele)